Monday, December 20, 2010

Compatible HP OmniBook XE2 Laptop Battery

Weight: 1.15lbs
Package Dimensions (LWH): 300.0 x 95.0 x 48.0(mm)
Features of Compatible HP OmniBook XE2 Laptop Battery
Specification of HP OmniBook XE2 Laptop Battery
HP N3000 F1739A battery
Type: li-ion, 8 cells
Voltage: 14.8V
Capacity: 4400mAh
UL certificated cells inside!
Brand New Replacement Product, works as genuine parts, 100% OEM Compatible!!
Compatible Part Number of HP OmniBook XE2 Laptop Battery
F1739A, F1742A, F1719W, F1719WR, F1719WT, F1720W, F1720WR, F1720WT, F1721W, F1721WR, F1721WT, F1722W, F1722WR, F1722WT
F1911A, F1912A, F1913A, F1914A, F1916A, F1916AR, F1917A, F1918A, F1919A, F1920A, F1921A, F1921AR, F1925A, F1925AR, F1926A, F1927A, F1928A, F1928AR, F1929A, F1929AR, F1930A, F1931A, F1943A, F1943AR, F1944A, F1944AR, F1945A, F1952A
Fit Laptop Model of HP OmniBook XE2 Laptop Battery
OmniBook XE C266, OmniBook XE PII, OmniBook XE2 A 450, OmniBook XE2 A 500, OmniBook XE2 A 550, OmniBook XE2 C300/C333, OmniBook XE2 C433, OmniBook XE2 C450, OmniBook XE2 C500, OmniBook XE2 C500 F2052W,OmniBook XE2 C550, OmniBook XE2 C550 F2054K, OmniBook XE2 C550 F2054W, OmniBook XE2 PII 366, OmniBook XE2 PII 400, OmniBook XE2 PIII 450, OmniBook XE2 PIII 500, OmniBook XE2 PIII 500 F2051W, OmniBook XE2 PIII 500 F2053K, OmniBook XE2 PIII 500 F2053W, OmniBook XE2 PIII 500 F2055K, OmniBook XE2 PIII 500 F2055W, OmniBook XE2 PIII 500 F2068W, OmniBook XE2 PIII 500 F2069W
OmniBook XE2 PIII 600, Pavilion N3110,Pavilion N3150, Pavilion N3190
Pavilion N3210, Pavilion N3215, Pavilion N3250, Pavilion N3270, Pavilion N3290, Pavilion N3295
Pavilion N3310, Pavilion N3330, Pavilion N3350, Pavilion N3370, Pavilion N3390
Pavilion N3402, Pavilion N3410, Pavilion N3438, Pavilion N3478, Pavilion N3490

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