Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sample: Declaration & Indemnity Letter - Lithium Battery Shipments

Chinese & English edition
To: (“DHL”) or other
HAWB Number :
From: 发货人名及地址(与运单发货人一致)
Date: XXXX
Description of Goods: ___(品名描述)_________
Subject: Declaration & Indemnity Letter - Lithium Battery Shipments

We发货公司名) hereby confirm that all 电池种类(选一个填写)(lithium ion battery or lithium metal battery) shipments meet the latest edition of International Air Transport Association (IATA) Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) requirements and it is safe for air transportation as a “NOT RESTRICTED” shipment. This consignment does not contain any recalled and / or defective batteriesHandle with care. Flammability hazard exists if the package is damaged.In any event of the package found damaged, please follow special procedure: _(如包装损坏,请遵从如下提示处理(参考MSDS)__ in case of skin contact with contents of battery,flush immediately with water,If irritation persists ,get medical help.For eye contact,flush with copious amounts of Water for 15 minutes .Do not inhale leaked material,If irritation persists ,get medical help.the preferred response is to leave the area and allow the batteries to cool and the vapors to dissipated ,Avoid skin and eye contact or inhalation of vapors .Remove spilled liquid with absorbent and incinerate .Extinguishing Media :CO2or dry chemicals

We will provide the relevant Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of our lithium batteries as evidence of the compliance of our lithium batteries to IATA DGR if requested by DHL or the airlines.
All packed电池种类(选一个填写)(lithium ion battery or lithium metal battery) shipments are in compliance with the latest edition of IATA DGR, including (where applicable) Section II of Packing Instructions 965, 966, 967, 968, 969 & 970.
This consignment has been packed in compliance with Section II of PI __“PI965” or “PI966” or “PI967” or “PI968” or “PI969” or “PI970” (按实际货物选择一个,其他删除)
Our lithium battery shipment Air Waybills will be declared with below mentioned words (in italics) in the “Full Description of Contents” section in compliance with IATA DGR as appropriate:
a. “Lithium Ion Batteries” or “Lithium Metal Batteries”(按实际货物选择一个,其他删除)
b. “Not Restricted”
c. “PI965” or “PI966” or “PI967” or “PI968” or “PI969” or “PI970” (按实际货物选择一个,其他删除)
Specifically, where applicable, we declare that all of our packed lithium battery shipments:
a. do not fall under IATA DGR Special Provisions A154; and/or
b. comply with IATA DGR Special Provisions A164.
The abovementioned Special Provisions A154 and A164 are set out in Appendix A of this declaration.
We, the undersigned, certify that the contents of this shipment is (i) not classified as hazardous material, dangerous goods or prohibited articles by IATA , ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation), International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code, any applicable governmental department or other relevant organization, and (ii) does not fall within the definitions of dangerous substances by applicable laws, regulations, requirements or international logistics industry codes from time to time.
In the event that DHL incurs extra costs on the transportation of this shipment, preparation of airway bills, and other documentation in connection with this shipment, we will reimburse such cost to DHL upon invoice.
We acknowledge that we will be liable for damages resulting from any misstatement or omission of shipping information. We understand that the air and road carriage of this shipment by DHL is based on the shipment documentation, and this certification that we have provided. We will fully indemnify DHL against any liabilities, fines, costs, expenses incurred by DHL and/or any legal proceedings, claims, actions against DHL in connection with DHL handling our lithium battery shipments.
This declaration is to be effective from [date/month/year] (start date) to [date/month/year] (end date).建议此日期范围写长一些
Signature and Company Rubber Stamp: 发货公司盖章(必须与台头一致)
Name of shipper (company legal name): 发货公司名
Name of authorized signatory:签字(英文全名,名字+姓氏:打印出来后签字(必须是手签))
Title of authorized signatory: 签字人职位(经理级以上)
Date of declaration: 写上日期
For any additional information or emergency contact, please contact Tel: __联系电话__
Statement:CONFIRMATION: By signing this certificate, the above Authorized Signatory confirms that he/she is liable for accuracy of the declarations contained herein.

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