Monday, December 20, 2010

Cost Analysis of laptop battery

(By the way, the compatible battery or OEM battery in this blog just mean not original ones.)
Same for original and compatible battery, the cost include 3 parts.
Cells + PCBA + Casing, lables, packing and so on.
And the cells is the most important to cause the price high or not. So please check the cost analysis of laptop battery, in this way, we just say about the compatible battery.

* Regular battery within 3/4 CELLS, 2200/2400mah: $17 - $18/piece
* Regular battery within 6 CELLS, 4400/4800mah: $19 - $20/piece
* Regular battery within 8/9 CELLS, 4400/4800mah: $21- $22/piece
* Regular battery within 12 CELLS, 6600/8800mah: $25 - $26/piece
All the price with regular battery, sometimes need check with model, as you know, some popular models with lower price like the battery for HP DV2000 / DV6000.

That's just cost for battery, the cells made-in-china too. If need the cells like SUMSUNG, the price a littler higher, maybe add $2 ~ $5 per piece.

Any questions just tell me.

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